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Storage and Distribution

We have six storage facilities in the UK holding computer parts for the petrol forecourts. Engineer calls our freephone number to order an urgent part which is on the vehicle within 30 minutes from the nearest storage unit.

We can locate a storage facility on your behalf and manage the movement of stock.

This allows a quick delivery and offers companies like BP BP
and Esso Esso to minimise downtime and keep revenue flowing.

Cinema Services

EPM Essex is a member of FACT.

Federation Against Copyright Theft, offering a service, which has high security standards.

We have 1st hand experience and knowledge with any problems in this industry. We can distribute to any cinema within UK, delivering your Films, Hard drives, Projection equipment or even Display boards.
Working close with the projectionists or managers.
We offer a variety of services:

  • Urgent Sameday
  • Manage Xovers from cinema to cinema
  • Next day Delivery or Returns


Economy Services

For the more cost effective solution we offer road services to Europe or an Air freight service worldwide.

POD Reports

We follow through every job to delivery status

If needed we can do a delivery report for your analysis...


We can offer packaging materials or just give the advice on how goods must be packed in order to arrive in good condition.

Special Deliveries

We arrange an on board courier to carry your high value consignment offering a door to door service anywhere in the world.

Exhibition and conference work

We understand how important and fragile these projects can be. Time sensitive deliveries and organization are something we pride ourselves on.

For Pearsons Education, we offer a team who organize the freight and provide packaging services, through to loading the lorry. If required, we provide extra staff to assist with offloading at the Hotel or Exhibition centre, making sure that the correct goods have gone to the right locations, ready for your conference...

At the end of the conference we assist with the clear up operation and again load lorries for the goods to be returned back to the office. We also arrange deliveries for conferences around the world making sure goods have arrived in time for the conference and arrange a courier to collect when the conference has finished allowing the representative to catch their flight home.

Sameday Delivery

We offer a dedicated van to deliver sameday to the UK or even Europe. We can usually collect within an hour from any main town in the UK.

Nextday Delivery

We deliver parcels or pallets next day to the UK, we offer fast delivery throughout the world on all consignments and specialise in rapid delivery to remote locations.


Claim forms are very off putting and I have not met a client who likes to complete them! We do the claims forms for you and follow them through right up to receiving the cheque.

Always on call

You can ring us 24 hours - 365 days a year.