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I have worked within the transport industry for 20 years. At the beginning for a large corporate company and then I went on to work for smaller logistics organisations.

I learnt two things very quickly...

  • When something went wrong the policy was to hope the client didn't find out and keep quiet!
  • They offered a one stop shop but only actually did some of the deliveries using their own transport and contracted out the other services. They lead you to think they covered it all.

My experience and background has created a huge knowledge around the transport Industry.

I began my journey with TNT starting out as a tele sales operative which allowed me to get a lot of feed back from clients, I then worked my way up to a Same Day Manager offering services on the TNT Same Day Division. Following this I worked for courier companies, International air courier companies, Overnight carriers, pallet organisations, and whilst working with these companies I provided storage solutions for many. I also have worked with a few Hub operations and have provided help in the past with problem areas. I know what questions to ask in order to get to the truth...

In 1996 I joined a company based near Heathrow called EXPRESS PARCEL MANAGEMENT LTD. All the partners had come from a similar background to myself. Together we provided a high level of services offering Worldwide Distribution. From the start, our clients received a high standard of delivery options, which created EPM to have rapid growth as a company. So we introduced EPM (Essex) LTD providing the same service in the Essex area.

EPM also began providing transport services for the Film and Cinema Industry, delivering the old 35mm film prints and arranging Xovers. The partners introduce Northern Film Transport (NFT) Ltd, this gave me and our staff the opportunity to speak with projectionists at cinema on a daily basis. We gained the necessary experience and understood there needs from the outset.

In 2004 with regret the 3 companies decided to split and go in separate Directions. I took full control of EPM (Essex) Ltd and we continued our high level of service options and the approach was that we will be fair to clients offering a management company guided by fairness and honesty.

My aim was to give a more personal service to the client and deal with all the suppliers ourselves.

This takes away the worry from our clients knowing I am working in the background on their behalf.

This puts the client in control - if a delivery experiences a problem they can then decide whether to inform their client that there is a delay or if the job is too important and can't fail, offering an alternative solution.

My suppliers list exceeds 300 and in my eyes no one company is good at two things.

Most of the deliveries need care and attention and are usually urgent so I need a huge database in order not to let my clients down.

In exceptional circumstances where I am not available there is a professional back up team available 24 hours who have worked alongside me for many years.

I hope this background has helped to explain how we do business and how we help our clients.